Spring Fishing

By this time of the year, every serious minded fisherman is just chomping at the bit to get out and start casting. You have been home for about two months and doing nothing but "honey dews". It is still early for most fishermen to get out and start fishing. However, in about 3 weeks, fishing will start and each week it will get better.

So before you get out there and shake off that cabin fever, now is the time to check all your equipment to see if it is working properly. If you have a reel that is not functioning properly get it fixed now because it surely won't work any better in the cold. Take off that old line and re-spool all your reels with new line. No need to lose that good fish when you start fishing again. Clean up your rods and check your hooks, sharpen or replace as needed. If you are a crappie, white bass, or walleye fisherman you need to stock up on jigs or Roadrunners. Check out my Fishing Resources page for great places to find these. If you make them yourself, better start pouring and painting.

A couple of things that several fishermen forget is to make sure your boat license is up to date and to get your new fishing license. Your old one is no good at the end of February. You need to have everything ready because the weather will break soon and no need to waste time when you could be fishing.