Local Area Fishing

I am living in one of the best fishing areas in the state of Missouri. I can go to the Pomme in about 5 minutes and to Truman in about 20 minutes and that includes putting boat in. I fish the Pomme arm of Truman, which gets less fishing pressure than the rest of Truman. Sometimes in the spring if you can't catch crappie on the lake you just load up and go to the other. Most of the time the crappie spawn at different times and you get to catch a lot of fish for a longer period of time.

Lake Pomme de Terre is a 7,820 acre flood control lake built by the Corps of Engineers in 1961. Pomme de Terre lake is known for its excellent fishing. Good strings of crappie, bass, white bass, bluegill, catfish, and walleye are commonly taken from the lake. Pomme de Terre lake is also noted for its muskie fishing. Muskellunge have been stocked in the lake regularly since 1966 and dedicated fisherman have an opportunity to catch trophy-sized muskie.

Truman Lake is a 55,600 acre Corps of Engineers lake that was built for flood control and power generation. Many of the trees were left standing and the shoreline undisturbed, which makes Truman an excellent place to fish. The lake is lined with tree, rock, and bluff banks, and offers a variety of fish to pursue like Black Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Whitebass, Catfish, and Walleye.

The bass fishing in the spring is great on these lakes and one can catch a lot of fish and sometimes really big fish. Fish can be caught on nearly the same baits in both lakes, however spinner baits seem to work better in Truman than Pomme. April, May and early June seem to be best for big bass until the fall. Come fall Muskie fishing is what you want to be doing. If you are looking for a great fishing trip, come to this area of Missouri and have the experience of a lifetime.